Bullet-Proof whiteboards issued to MN Teachers (VIDEO)


They look like regular handheld whiteboards. But they’re not. That’s because they’re bullet-proof. And a central Minnesota school district that was the site of a school shooting in 2003, plans to put one of these whiteboards in every classroom to prevent further tragedy.

Cold Spring, MN Police Chief Phil Jones remembers the tragedy well. “Two bright and brilliant students were killed,” he recounted. Initially skeptical about the whiteboards capabilities, he was soon won over after personally testing the handheld shields.

Designed by Maryland-based Hardwire LLC, each bullet-proof board weighs a few pounds and is a quarter of an inch thick. They can hang on a wall and be used in class, just like any traditional marker board. Coming in at $300, the Rocori School District plans on purchasing around 200 boards. They’ll be the first in Minnesota to do so, following districts in North Dakota and Maryland who are already use them.

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