Iran's 'Arash' 20mm Anti-Materiel Shoulder-Mounted Rifle (VIDEO)

The Firearm Blog has a great rundown on this new BFG.

“Iran has developed a new 20mm anti-material rifle called the Arash.  The rifle is fired standing up with the gun resting on the operators shoulder, much like a RPG, and on the forward bipod. The butt stock is position about midway along the length of the gun with the pistol grip and trigger just forward of it.

“The punishing recoil  seems to be mitigated by both a huge barrel shaped muzzle brake and by the odd design of the gun which makes it pivot on the operators shoulder during recoil.

“The Iranians, who never let an opportunity to clone a Western military invention go to waste, seem to have produced a clone of the Barrett BORS (Barrett Optical Ranging System) ballistic computer. The Iranian system looks like an almost exact replica, right down to its integration with the scope evaluation knob. The Barrett BORS monitors the evaluation knob and measures air temperature, barometric pressure and rifle tilt in order to calculate the range at which the rifle is set. Presumably the Iranian clone does the same.”

I’m sure the ammo is up there in terms of price, but I’ll take one just the same. They’ll be a .22 conversion kit out before you know it.

Also, it looks like in Iran you put your Tannerite in a jug of gasoline. Impressive as it is, I wouldn’t recommend it as a domestic practice. That’s just one man’s advice, but still.

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