Unwitting Cop eats Marijuana, has REALLY bad day (VIDEO)

It began innocent enough. Police Chief Mike Berkemeier woke up hungry. When he chanced upon some cake sitting on his kitchen counter, he ate it – all of it. But then the Laurelville, Ohio cop began to feel strange.

“I felt as if I was going out of my mind,” said  Berkemeier. He knew something was wrong…very, very wrong. He drove himself to the police station and that’s when things got worse. “I thought I was dying,” he said. Medics were called and the top cop was transported to the hospital.

And that’s when a phone conversation with his fiancé revealed the source of his condition. The cake he had eaten earlier that day, wasn’t just any cake. It was laced with high-grade cannabis oil. According to Berkemeier, a “friend” of his daughter had brought the drug-laced treat into the house. Doctors gave him a sedative to sleep off the effects and he was later released.

”It was probably the scariest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life,” he said. The Hocking County Sheriff’s office is currently determining if charges of assault and corrupting another with drugs will be filled. Until then, Berkemeier’s daughter has some explaining to do.

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