Newtown Daddy/Daughter team give AWESOME Pro-Gun speech (VIDEO)

In a refreshing speech at a pro-gun rally last week, a Newtown father/daughter team, denounced recent anti-gun measures that are spreading across the nation. Hosted by the Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Bill Stevens took the stage with his daughter Victoria.

According to Stevens, he’d had enough of politicians exploiting the Newtown massacre in order to pass gun legislation. Although not a Sandy Hook father, his child was placed in lock-down as the terrible events of that day unfolded.

Stevens went on to ask his daughter if she felt safer with her armed father or locked down in school with unarmed teachers. “Obviously with my Dad,” Victoria replied. “The teachers don’t know how to protect us, really.” Eliciting cheers from the crowd, Stevens hugged his daughter and continued,

“I’d just like to say that there are a lot of law-abiding gun owners in Newtown who are sick and very darned tired of politicians using the tragedy in our town to promote a political agenda.” Stevens had earlier testified at the Connecticut State Capital against a looming gun bill which faced their community.


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