The New York Times refuses to bow to Bloomberg, backs Pro-Gun Advocate

In what many have deemed a shocking turn of events, the New York Times has refused to bow to Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns demand to redact a pro-gun editorial.

According to sources, the Times rebuffed an email from MAIG to issue a correction to a Friday editorial that was written by prominent 2nd Amendment advocate and Independence Institute Research Director David B. Kopel.

MAIG asserted “Kopel’s claims regarding the Manchin-Toomey Amendment [were] false.” In response, Kopel defended his op-ed, affirming his claim that “Manchin-Toomey would have legalized BATFE, creating a complete computer database of all sales, guns, and buyers which are identified in the 4473 forms of retired FFLs”.

After reviewing Kopel’s explanation of the legal issues, NYT editors declined to issue a correction, dismissing Bloomberg’s gun control coalition.


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