Piers Morgan’s Bald-faced Lie: ‘I’ve never said I’m in favor of talking anyone’s guns away’ (VIDEO)

I know. Like you, I’m tired of talking about Piers Morgan and every inane thing he says on his television show, Piers Morgan Tonight. But, when he lies to the American public on such a grand scale, he needs to be called out. 

So, here it goes. Piers Morgan, we’re calling you out one your B.S.

Alright, in a recent interview with Tennessee State Sen. Stacey Campfield concerning his controversial comments about “crock pot control” in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing the subject of gun control came up, naturally.

According to Campfield, his “crock pot control” joke was designed to point out the “hypocrisy of the left, how they push for gun control 10 seconds after Sandy Hook shooting.”

In any event, after some back and forth over the tastefulness/relevancy of the joke, Campfield challenged Morgan’s true intentions with respect to his gun control agenda, posing the question, “Are you in favor of taking everyone’s guns away?”

To which Morgan responded, “I’m not in favor of talking anyone’s guns away. I’m not. I’ve never said that. That’s a complete lie.”

A “complete lie?” Sorry Piers, the tape says otherwise.

In an interview with Research Director of the Independence Institute David Kopel and Josh Horwitz from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence back in December 2012, Morgan basically said that he is in favor of taking everyone’s guns away.

Kopel, an attorney and Constitutional expert, told Morgan that there are 300 million guns in this country and then asked Morgan, “How many do you think need to be confiscated to get to the appropriate level?”

Without batting an eye, Morgan said, “Why don’t we try 300?”

To which, Kopel replied, “Okay, you want to confiscate every gun in the United States, that’s fine, I respect your position.”

Piers Morgan slightly qualified his remark, saying, “You asked me what I’d do personally, and I’d remove every gun in America … but I’m not gonna get what I want, which is no guns.”

To be fair to Morgan, he prefaced this statement earlier on in the interview by saying he has “respect for the Second Amendment” and he also recognized that his position with respect to confiscation was untenable, that there is virtually no chance that the federal government would go door to door rounding up everyone’s guns or that law-abiding gun owners would willingly turn over their firearms as part of some mandatory buyback experiment.

Nevertheless, he said what he said. His personal beliefs — if we are to take him at his word — are that total confiscation would be ideal.

Watch the videos and tell us what you think.

(I’ve also investigated the details and stats discussed in video number two, you can read all the facts here)

Did Morgan tell a bald-faced lie? Isn’t fair to suggest that he does believe that full-on confiscation is the optimal way to deal with violent crime?  Also, what do you think this does to his credibility as a journalist?

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