Super X Pump Marine Defender Now Available (VIDEO)

Announced at SHOT Show this year, Winchester is now shipping their new Super X Pump Marine Defender.

The SXP Marine Defender is designed to withstand wet conditions and inclimate weather with satin hard-chrome finish that’s far more resistant to moisture than standard blue finishes. The barrel is hard-chromed inside and out, along with the magazine tube and end cap. The Marine Defender, like other SXP shotguns, features a drop-out trigger group for easy maintenance.

It also features rubberized polymer furniture with an “Inflex” integrated buttpad. The 18-inch barrel is threaded for Invector Plus chokes and comes with one cylinder bore installed. A large Tru-Glo fiber-optic front sight comes with the shotgun, but it also has a traditional brass bead installed underneath.

All this is in a compact package. Including the 13.75-inch length of pull the shotgun measures in at 38.5 inches overall and weighs seven pounds five ounces. The Marine Defender has a capacity of 5+1.

Being an SXP the Marine Defender uses a rotating bolt and inertia-assisted action for very smooth and exceptionally fast cycling. The inertia-assist partially unlocks the action, reducing the amount of effort the shooter has to make in order to cycle the shotgun.

Super X Pump Marine Defender shotgun

In line with the rest of the SXP series, the Marine Defender is inexpensive despite the build quality. With an MSRP of $399, hopefully it will list in stores closer to $350.

This is just an out-of-the-box perfect truck gun. This is a shotgun you can throw behind your seat or leave in the trunk without worrying about the humidity ruining it. It does have some non-chromed parts, so it’s not like you should use saltwater for lube, but the chrome combined with the polymer furniture makes this one resilient shotgun.

Whether you’re looking for a 12-gauge for your vehicle or to take into the field, the Marine Defender looks like a durable, flexible shotgun at a very affordable price.

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