New documentary claims to have found Vietnam Vet alive who is officially listed as K.I.A. (VIDEO)

bodyUnclaimed is a new documentary premiering this upcoming week in Canada and later in May at the G.I. Film Festival in Washington, D.C. The documentary claims to have found Army Sergeant John Robertson, who was lost in Vietnam in 1968 and officially listed as killed in action.

Still under speculation, filmmaker Michael Jorgenson claims to have proven Robertson’s existence by finding him in a rural Vietnam village with the help of one of Robertson’s old war buddies. The purported Robertson appears elderly and has lost comprehension for the English language.

Via the Toronto Star:

There is physical proof of Robertson’s birthplace, collected in dramatic fashion onscreen; a tearful meeting in Vietnam with a soldier who was trained by Robertson in 1960 and said he knew him on sight; and a heart-wrenching reunion with his only surviving sister — 80-year-old Jean Robertson-Holly — in Edmonton in December 2012 that left the audience at the Toronto screening wiping away tears.

According to the film, Robertson’s children declined to take DNA tests to prove their supposed Fathers identity. Robertson still lives in Vietnam and has no desire to leave.

[Business Insider]

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