DHS Training Video Targets "Extremist" GUN owners (VIDEO)

In a recently discovered training video, the Department of Homeland Security depicts a fake news broadcast detailing a SWAT team raid on a suburban house — and the subsequent arrest of an “extremist … militia group” for possession of illegal firearms.

In the faux news report, home-grown agitators were “planning a series of terrorist attacks on U.S. cities.” A multi-agency raid, spearheaded by militarized law enforcement wielding assault weapons and Kevlar vests, arrests two men on firearms charges. According to the faux reporter, “Allegedly the militia was using [their] house to store a cache of military weapons.”

This isn’t the first time DHS has depicted gun owners poorly, having released documents describing conservatives, libertarians, and those who support gun rights, as potential terrorists and “domestic extremists.”

It’s unclear when the video was made, but the YouTube channel it was uploaded to has a direct link to a DHS website

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