Comedian Tracy Morgan: "Of course I want guns banned!" (VIDEO)

Comedian turned actor Tracy Morgan isn’t exactly a fan of guns. As a matter of fact, he wants them banned — entirely. Speaking at an event launching the White House Correspondent’s Dinner over the weekend, Morgan was asked what his thoughts were on President Obama and the U.S. Senate failing to pass any major gun control proposals earlier this month. His response:

“Of course, I mean if we could get guns under control, if we could get rid of them, I’m with all of that. I’ve had a lot of friends and family that died violently from guns … Of course I want to get rid of guns. I’ve had a lot of family members that died from them.”

Rationalizing his anti-gun stance, Morgan went on to say, “My father fought in the Vietnam War and he forbid us to have guns when he came home when we were little, so yes.”


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