HOLLYWOOD star Pierce Brosnan calls for Assault Weapons BAN (PHOTOS)


According to actor Pierce Brosnan aka James Bond, US politicians must ban assault weapons and closely control handguns. The Hollywood headliner went on to assert: “I do think the movies [have] influence, I hate to say it, on our societies.”

GoldenEyeBrosnan took additional aim at the video game industry: “And the games, which deal with killing, which our kids play these days have a strong, twisted effect. We don’t let those games in the house…”

His statements come in direct contrast to the projects he’s worked on – as 007, Brosnan killed 135 people, the highest of all the Bond actors. And his depiction in the violent, ground-breaking first-person shooter “Golden Eye 007,” went on to gross over $250 million worldwide.

Born in Ireland and raised in London, Brosnan became an American citizen in 2004 and spends his time between homes in both Hawaii and Los Angeles.


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