Outstanding AK47 Guitar by DiResta (VIDEO)

This is the most impressive ax we’ve seen since César López started showing off his escopetarras.

A Capp-a-Fella: Guitars Become Guns and Guns Become Guitars

“The idea came to Lopez back in 2003 when, while playing in front of a Bogota country club, he witnessed a car bomb explode.  In the ensuing confusion, he noticed how the army guards all carried their rifles in a manner that resembled the way he carried his guitar and out of that explosion came the first escopetarra—a Winchester rifle/Fender Stratocaster hybrid.

“The instruments are called escopetarras, a portmanteau of the Spanish escopeta meaning “rifle” and guitarra meaning, well, guitar.”

But these DiResta guitars are something else.


Now make one that shoots boolits.

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