INSPIRING - ARMY Amputee 1st to Complete GRUELING Airborne School (VIDEO)

When Sgt. 1st Class Greg Robinson was wounded in 2006 during an attack while conducting military operations, he lost his leg – but not his spirit.

Setting his disability aside, Robinson has just become the first amputee to complete the Army’s grueling air assault school. In a testament to the course’s brutal regime, the soldier’s prosthetic leg broke twice over the 10 days spent training.

Robinson, a 34-year-old noncommissioned officer from Elizabethtown, Ill., said the impetus to complete the program involved his philosophy to lead by example.

“I have roughly 30 men in my platoon. As a leader, I didn’t want to tell my soldiers that they needed to go to air assault school, if I am not air assault qualified.”

Many called Robinson’s accomplishment a testament to what can be achieved by amputees despite life-altering injuries.

Amputee-Air AssaultAmputee-Air Assault


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