Army Chief of Staff CHEWS OUT congressman on Capital Hill

A heated debate erupted on Capital Hill last week as Army officers testified before the House Armed Services Committee, regarding a problematic intelligence program.

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno smacked down Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) as the politician attempted to walk out of the hearing after voicing his concern about the Army’s Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS).

DCGS is a cloud-computing network which enables ground forces a direct link to intelligent sources worldwide. Nevertheless, Odierno was sent over the edge when Hunter dismissed the soldier’s request to elaborate on the situation.

“First off, I object to this,” the general said. “I’m tired of somebody telling me I don’t care about our soldiers, that we don’t respond.”

The congressman shot back, “You have a very powerful personality, but that doesn’t refute the facts that you have gaps in the capability.”

Hunter, a major in the Marine Corps Reserve, had scolded the soldiers for some time before the outburst occurred.


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