Tactical Trash Patrol with a .303 Lee-Enfield (VIDEO)

He claims he’s not a threat to anyone. But some residents of the suburban North Carolina town which he patrols, disagree.

They contend that John Schultz, 19, who walks through their neighborhood with a .303 British Enfield rifle strapped to his back, ammunition for said weapon, and a holstered knife, is an incident of vigilante justice waiting to happen.

His walks cause double-takes as well as safety concerns for some, but Schultz alleges many residents have thanked him. He says his walks are for exercise and picking up garbage –although he’s spotted peeping toms and potential burglars in backyards while on his pseudo-patrol.

“It’s a problem and a concern,” said neighbor Vanessa Aidara. Apparently the rifle scares her and her children to the point they won’t play in the yard when Schultz comes around.

Aidara wants the rifle-strapped neighborhood walks to stop, but Schultz has repeatedly refused, stating he isn’t breaking any laws.

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