“Give us our daily dead” MSNBC Host mocks NRA (VIDEO)

MSNBC host Martin Bashir slammed the National Rifle Association Thursday, mocking the organizations recent leadership forum held in Huston, TX.

Commenting on the NRA’s traditional prayer breakfast at this weekend’s conference, Bashir delivered an offensive “NRA version” of the Lord’s Prayer.

“Thy kingdom come, help me keep my military-style gun. Give us this day our daily dead,’ and other various phrases like that,” the MSNBC host mocked.

Bashir’s guest, David Corn of Mother Jones’ went on to accuse the NRA of “exploitation” in the name of money. Furthermore, said Corn, the NRA’s “delusional, it’s conspiracy theories. It’s close to Alex Jones stuff.”

Ultimately, according to the Bashir, the NRA doesn’t “represent” real gun owners in America, rather, they tow the line for the gun industry.

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