HiViz Relocating to Wyoming from Colorado

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Wyoming will be the new home for HiViz, as the company is leaving its former home of Colorado in protest of new gun control legislation passed in the state.

“I make this announcement with mixed emotions,” said HiViz president Phillip Howe. “Colorado is a beautiful state with great people, but we cannot in clear conscience support with our taxes a state that has proven through recent legislation a willingness to infringe upon the constitutional rights of our customer base.”

Starting with corporate headquarters, the operations will be moved over an extended period of time ensuring no interruption of services to its customer base, and HiViz states that the majority of its employees will make the move with the corporate operations.

Of course what’s tough and difficult news for some is welcome and happy news for others. This is a big win for the state of Wyoming.


“Wyoming has long been an ideal location for the outdoor products industries, including the shooting sports manufacturing arm of the industry,” said Bob Jensen of the Wyoming Business Council to the Daily Caller. “We welcome Mr. Howe and the HiViz family to our state and we look forward to having HiViz products being produced in Wyoming.”

HiViz will be moving from Ft. Collins Colo. to Laramie Wyo., selecting Laramie because of its relatively close proximity to the the Colorado city. The cities are a little more than 60 miles apart by freeway, allowing employees to commute if they don’t want to relocate right away.

“The decision to relocate the company was difficult and choosing the proper location was essential to our continued growth within the industry,” said Howe. “The fine people with the Wyoming Business Council and the LEDC worked diligently to accommodate our needs and make us feel welcome. We look forward to settling into our new home in the firearm friendly state of Wyoming.”

Of course HiViz isn’t the only company leaving Colorado because of the state’s new and radical gun control laws. The Outdoor Channel and Magpul are two other big names to leave the state rather than pay taxes there.

Not that you’d know it on Magpul’s part. The company is still announcing new products even as they start their move out of Colorado.

These are not shallow, symbolic gestures. Colorado will be out milions in tax revenue and moves are not easy for these companies. In the face of that, they still choose to stand on principle, even if it means pain in the short term.


Many gun companies are feeling the pressure, as companies that stay in states with strict gun control laws are often seen as tacitly endorsing them with their earnings by consumers at large. Companies that stay in states like Colorado, New York and Connecticut face lost business and even boycott by staying in those states.

For HiViz, Laramie makes a lot of sense. Other companies may not have gun-friendly neighbors so close by. And if they’re going to move, there’s no state pushing harder for these businesses than Texas. At this year’s annual NRA meeting, Tex. governor Rick Perry reinforced his previous statements. “We want to send a message that Texas is wide open for business, whether you’re a weapons manufacturer or whether you’re a tubular steel manufacturer,” said Perry.

“There is still a place for freedom that is very much alive and well,” the governor added. “That place is called Texas.”

If you weren’t a HiViz customer before, are you thinking about becoming one now?

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