Ohio man shot dead after unloading 37 rounds from an AK on police officers (Graphic VIDEO)

mugA shocking video has just been released by the Middlefield, OH police department that shows a madman unloading on officers with an AK-47 during a routine traffic stop. The motive behind the madman’s actions, which happened back in March, still remains a mystery.

James Gilkerson was pulled over by police officers after running a stop sign. As you can see in the video above, everything appeared status quo until Gilkerson emerged from his car with gun in hand. “He got of the vehicle, intending to kill my officers. We don’t know why he did it,” said Police Chief Arnold Stanko. Both officers were hit in the shootout but survived, Gilkerson did not.

Police said they found eight 40 round magazines as well as a number of books on ‘terrorist’ activites in Gilkerson’s car.


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