Bill Maher: 2nd Amendment can't Protect People from Tyranny (VIDEO)

According to Bill Maher, it’s “ridiculous…for people to think that the Second Amendment protects them from tyranny.”

In reference to a recent poll stating 44% of Republicans believe armed insurrection may come to pass in coming years, the HBO host claimed America has moved past the point of revolution.

Furthermore, said Maher, even the best weaponry Americans could procure would not withstand a government onslaught. Citing the 1993 Waco massacre, Maher went on ask:

“Remember Waco? You know what they had in Waco? They had like 1.9 million rounds of ammunition; they had .50-caliber machine guns; they had grenades. What did the government have? Everything else. The winner and still champion — the United States government.

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