School Shooting Drill Horrifies Teachers

Picture this: you’re one of 15 teachers gathered for a morning meeting when suddenly two gunmen wearing masks and hoodies storm into the room and begin firing…blanks.

Apparently officials at Pine Eagle Charter School in Halfway, OR decided to run an unplanned emergency shooting drill last week. And although students were not present on school grounds when the drill occurred, teachers nevertheless were thoroughly frightened.

‘I’ll tell you, the whole situation was horrible,’ said elementary teacher Morgan Gover.

Initially gripped with fear, the teachers soon realized the shooting was not drawing blood and thus part of a drill.

In an attempt to gauge how teachers would respond in case of a real attack, school principal Cammie DeCastro had hoped educators would have reacted better. But they didn’t. According to DeCastro, based on the test, many of the teachers would have been killed.


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