Ted Nugent: Soulless Media Hates Freedom (VIDEO)

In a no-holds-barred backstage interview, rocker and pro-gun firebrand Ted Nugent tore into the mainstream media this past Sunday at the NRA’s 2013 annual convention in Houston, Texas.

Nugent, who took a short break from signing books, declared the media “sinfully biased” and “grossly unprofessional.” The NRA board member went on to profile so-called “enemies” of the Second Amendment:

“Make no mistake, my enemy looks and smells exactly what the enemy of freedom should look and smell like: Hygiene challenged Michael Moores, G-force lying Nancy ‘you don’t have to read it, you need to sign it’ Pelosis…”

Although tinged with scathing commentary regarding the media, Nugent veered off, highlighting the plight of Veterans and his fight “to stop the tragedy and the curse of increased suicide in the veterans of America by reaching out to them…”


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