Boston Bomber Offered Hero's Plot in National Cemetery (VIDEO)

Apparently an Air Force veteran has said she was willing to give up her National Cemetery burial plot for suspected Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

Julie Frein of Baltimore, Maryland, explained she needed closure in the Boston, Massachusetts, bombing incident and figured what they heck — let’s bury a suspected Jihadist murderer among American heroes. When asked how she thought the country would react to her almost universally offensive gesture, Frein said:

“Well, the country would just have to get over that, wouldn’t they? Because nobody, nobody deserves to rot above ground.”

In response to growing outrage, Arlington National Cemetery took to Facebook, clarifying the matter:

“We have been receiving calls about the interview a veteran did regarding giving up her space at a veteran cemetery to the Boston Bombing suspect so he can be buried. We want to make it clear that this suspect is not eligible to be buried at Arlington — a veteran can’t transfer their eligibility to another person. Please pass this along to those who are concerned!”

And that’s what we’re doing.


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