Company Offers Legal Aid, Insurance for Self Defense Shootings

A new company based out of West Chester, Ohio is offering a type of insurance tailored specifically for gun owners across the country who want immediate legal aid and support following self-defense shootings. It is the company’s wish that in the event of a justified shooting that the gun owner first call 911.  Their second call however (from which they take their name) should be to them.

Launched in February, Second Call Defense provides its paying members not only training and education on the topics of responsible self-defense and firearms ownership, but also legal assistance every step of the way in the event of a self-defense related shooting. To ensure this, the company offers a 24/7 emergency legal hotline, local attorney referrals, financial support to cover court-related costs, as well as compensation during court. Second Call memberships also include NRA-backed insurance for accidental shootings, which includes criminal defense reimbursement, civil suit defense protection and civil suit damages protection. But unlike the NRA’s own coverage, Second Call offers immediate financial help by providing money for bail and an attorney retainer.

The company was started when the founders realized that in most shooting cases, even those that are justifiable, the gun owner is left pretty much on their own, both legally and financially. And even if the shooting is declared justifiable, the one firing the shots may still endure legal battles or even serve jail time before his or her actions are declared justifiable. From company literature, they saw that there was little or no support available for those who exercised their Second Amendment rights for protection, and they sought to fill that need. Second Call Defense claims that they will be there every single step of the way for their members, from the moments following the first call to 911.

A local news channel reporting on the new company explains that nobody is ever prepared to shoot another person, even if it is to defend oneself, one’s family or property. The psychological results that follow can be traumatic. Second Call knows this and in addition to legal and financial services, covers psychological counseling as well.

According to their website, Second Call is made up of a team of Second Amendment supporters and is managed exclusively by Second Amendment advocates and gun rights defense attorneys who carry firearms for protection every day.

They also have some big name endorsements like the Buckeye Firearms Foundation and the National Rifle Association. So far, there does not seem to be any negative feedback about the company and their fees seem to be comparable, if not more affordable, than other companies offering the same type insurance.

So what’s the price for a membership with such benefits? Not as much as one might think. Second Defense offers five different tiers of protection and the fees start at $8.95 a month for a basic membership and up to $35.95 per month for the ultimate membership.

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