Dirty Bomb - Cleaning Lady finds IED in Teen's Room (VIDEO)

A maid discovered an improvised explosive device while cleaning the residence of an 18-year-old teen in Tempe, AZ, yesterday.

The unnamed housecleaner drove the device to Tempe Fire Station #3 after speculating it could pose a threat to human life. According to Sgt. Mike Pooley of the Tempe Police Department, she was right.

“There was fuse that was coming out from the device…the bomb was ready to go. It was active. All it needed was the trigger.”

Joshua Prater, an 18-year-old senior at Marcos de Niza High School was promptly arrested for misconduct involving weapons, possessing a prohibited weapon and IED. It’s unclear if the teen was planning on targeting the school, but investigators conducted a precautionary sweep of the campus Wednesday morning and also the suspect’s home. Prater admitted to making the device eight years ago, though investigators found other bomb making materials at his residence.  Although nothing was found during the campus search, police have stepped up patrols around Marcos de Niza.

The arrest comes as a surprise to many of Prater’s friends and neighbors who described him as a “good student.” Nevertheless, the high school senior and straight “A” scholar faces several felony counts in relation to his arrest.


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