Talks Politics, Gun Rights and the NRA with Mr. Colion Noir (VIDEO)

It’s no secret, loves us some Mr. Colion Noir.  

So, naturally, we were thrilled to have an opportunity to interview the urban gun enthusiast, the budding attorney (Mr. Noir just found out he passed the Texas Bar Exam), the proud concealed carrier, the gun reviewer, the unofficial spokesman for the nation’s gun lobby, at the 142nd NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston, Texas.

To be honest, of all the interviews I was scheduled to conduct for the weekend, aside for maybe Gov. Rick Perry (because he’s the governor of The Lone Star State, how often does a lowly gun journalist get a chance to do that?), I was most excited about the chance to sit down with Colion.  The reason?

Like me, Colion is a political junkie and unapologetic gun rights advocate.  So, I knew we would have a lot to talk about given all that’s been going on in the political arena since Newtown.

So, what did we discuss?

A bunch of different topics, including but not limited to: the genesis of his relationship with the NRA, as noted above, Colion is an unofficial spokesman; the secret to his success on Youtube; the work that goes into creating his videos and his editorial process; the spat he had with over comments about the homeless and what he learned from that incident; the defeat of the Manchin-Toomey expanded background check agreement and what it means for gun owners; mainstream media’s impression of gun owners; his plans for the future, i.e. does he seem himself as a gun rights advocate for life?

There are two post interview observations that I have to add.

The first is that unlike a lot of famous and/or popular people you meet in real life, Colion is exactly who you’d expect him to be.  He’s not a prima donna. When the cameras turn off, he is the same cool, deferential, intelligent, funny person that he is when the cameras are on.  He hasn’t gone all ‘Hollywood’ (living in LA, I’m hyper-sensitive to this phenomenon.  Someone gets a taste of fame, even a small taste of fame, and he/she immediately turns into a jackass).  He’s a real dude and a pleasure to be around.

The second point I have to make is, well, something Colion told me off camera and I really hope he doesn’t mind me discussing this.  But, oh well, here it goes..  Mr. Noir is a ‘hat whore,’ which makes total sense if you regularly watch his videos.  Why else would a guy wear a New York Yankees hat one day and a New York Mets hat the next?  Or, worse yet, a Boston Red Sox hat?  He loves hats, not necessarily the teams on those hats.  Though, he is an avid sports fan.  In particular, he’s a great admirer of the black mamba, Kobe Bryant.

Big thank you to Mr. Noir for taking the time to sit down with us and shoot the stuff.

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