Texas Mom’s DIY Home Surgery – for Son’s Gunshot Wound! (VIDEO)

Talk about Do-It-Yourself spirit – one mother from Santa Fe, TX turned to WebMD when her teenage son was shot in the leg by a friend, rather than take him to the hospital.

According to the police report, 24-year-old Pete Jesse Rodriguez, who lives in the same Santa Fe home, had been playing a “game” with the 14-year-old when the gun he was wielding went off. The unnamed teen was struck in the thigh.

And despite the shooting taking place around 6:30PM on Tuesday, it wasn’t until 2AM Wednesday that the boy’s mom said to herself –  you know, I should probably take my kid to the hospital.

Hospital staff at Mainland Medical Center phoned the police to report the injury, who later discovered the DIY-mom had searched WebMD in an effort to treat her son’s gunshot wound in the cozy comforts of his own home.

You might be asking yourself how cops acquired such detailed information on this ill-conceived Law & Order episode – well, the entire incident was caught on surveillance cameras inside the residence.

Luckily, the teen survived his bullet wound and is currently convalescing at Memorial Hermann Hospital. As for the dim-witted shooter, he’s been arrested and charged with felony injury to a child.


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