Dramatic Shootout Wounds Detective, Kills Suspect (VIDEO)

A stunningly clear surveillance video depicting a gun battle outside a marijuana growhouse in Westchester, FL was offered into evidence by state prosecutors Thursday.

According to authorities, the video, seized from a security system at the growhouse, depicts Miami-Dade Detective John Saavedra, who was shot three times in the stomach, engaged in a shootout with homeowner, Gerard Delgado.

Local law enforcement and an FBI agent, wearing police vests, had swooped in on the suspected growhouse, just prior to Delgado getting into his BMW. Police, unaware of the owner’s whereabouts,  attempted to search the residence when another man, Luis Estevanell, arrived. And that’s when Delgado popped out and began firing.

The dramatic shootout ends with Delgado, hiding behind a tree in the middle of his driveway, being shot in the head. Saavedra was hospitalized and later released.

Estevanell was in court Thursday for a bail hearing, charged with possession of cocaine, trafficking marijuana and second-degree murder – due to Florida law that states anyone who commits a felony in which a death occurs, can be held responsible for murder.

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