Boberg XR9-L Review (VIDEO)

This gun manages to pack in a full-size 4.2-inch barrel into its subcompact package. They are on the pricey side at a little over a grand, but have 5-10 percent higher muzzle velocities than similar guns with 3-inch barrels; something like a 15-30 percent improvement in muzzle energy.

But that isn’t to say they don’t have their drawbacks. It’s refreshing to see the guys behind the Firearm Blog and Forgotten Weapons speak candidly about the gun’s (avoidable) shortcomings.

Still, if you don’t mind a gun that’s ammo-sensitive and are ready to drop a grand on a carry gun, it’s hard to beat. They’re also great-looking and made to extremely tight tolerances. You’re definitely getting your money’s worth in terms of quality.

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