Speared Alive! Woman Shot in Face by Harpoon (PHOTO+VIDEO)

spearA 28-year-old Brazilian woman miraculously survived after her husband accidentally shot her in the mouth with a harpoon.

According to the Rio de Janeiro State Health Department, the woman’s husband was cleaning his spear gun when it went off, firing a harpoon through her face and hitting her cervical spine.

Elisangela Borborema Rosa underwent emergency surgery after Monday’s incident in the coastal city of Arraial do Cabo. Neurosurgeon Allan da Costa said the harpoon came within 1 centimeter (less than half an inch) of killing the woman. He said he expects a full recovery.

A police officer in neighboring Arrial do Cabo said by telephone everything indicates the event was an accident, “But once she fully recovers we will be able to question her and get a clearer picture of what happened. We don’t think the husband tried to kill her.”

Apparently getting shot in the face with a spear is not an uncommon occurrence, especially in Brazil.



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