Man and his homemade boomstick -- literally a stick that goes "boom" (VIDEO)

With what looks like an old shower rod, a man has configured a homemade shotgun, “pipe gun or zip gun,” or whatever you want to call it. By way of the video, the creator “Kip” shows us that the single-shot shotgun is made up of two pieces: a barrel and receiver. And he also demonstrates how it works:

In the video, Kip pulls out the barrel, loads a shotgun shell into the chamber (the one end of the barrel) and then inserts the barrel into the receiver. To fire he thrusts the barrel rearward, which pushes the shell toward a fixed firing pin. Once the primer is pierced the shell is fired, sending shot downrange.

In the video Kip explains that his homemade shotgun is 26 inches long in its entirety, so it complies with his state laws. And he says this configuration is for “extreme situations, survival situations or just simply having fun.”

Though this video originally published on PrepperKip’s Youtube channel last July, it recently popped up on LiveLeak. For more PrepperKip, click here.

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