Michael Moore Gushes: Bloomberg's Gun Control - "It's Wonderful!"

Hollywood fat cat and notorious anti-gun provocateur, Michael Moore, was beside himself yesterday as he heaped praise on Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s push for tougher nationwide gun control.

“It’s wonderful,” said Moore during a groundbreaking ceremony for a cinema in New York City. “Bloomberg is a huge threat to those guys in Washington. He’s on a tear, and I don’t think we’ve seen one-tenth of his wrath.”

Moore lambasted the Senate for it failure to approve stricter gun laws, claiming legislators ignored the “will of 90 percent of the American people.” He went on to claim,

“The only things that have polled at 90 percent [according to Public Policy Polling] are Abraham Lincoln and Jesus. Not even baseball, Mother Teresa or apple pie polls that high.”

But Moore’s assertion was wrong. According to a recent poll by USA Today, public backing for gun control had fallen below the 50 percentage mark in the days since the Newtown tragedy. And in a NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, only 55 percent back stronger gun controls.


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