Bill Maher Sounds off on 3D-Printed Guns (VIDEO)

HBO host Bill Maher waded into the 3D-printed gun debate on Friday night’s episode of Real Time.

In response to Defense Distributed groundbreaking 3D-printed pistol the “Liberator,” Maher and his panel of guests sounded off on the implications of plastic guns in modern society. From bypassing airport security to citizenry having the ability to manufacture guns in the privacy of their own homes, Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian alleged:

“There’s always been a strain in America that has said that the project of America is to protect ourselves, the citizenry, from abuses of power by the government, and that’s why we need arms.”

Defense Distributed Liberator pistolBut Maher swiftly interjected, “It’s also a fantasy.” In support of his theory of who would actually want a 3D-printed gun, the HBO host referenced the movie “In The Line of Fire,” about an madman who uses a plastic handgun to get past White House security in an effort to assassinate the President.

Apparently in Hollywood movies are real while the rest of us are the fantasy.


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