Low Crawling, Building Jumping, Ankle Grabbing: Dramatic arrest on the Spanish coast (VIDEO)

Spanish police snuck up on a British fugitive as he sunbathed, arresting him in dramatic fashion as he leap from the roof of a nearby outhouse.


Andrew Terence Moran, 31 and a wacky Brit, was arrested.

Andrew Terence Moran, 31, escaped from security guards during an armed robbery trial four years ago in the United Kingdom. But law enforcement finally caught up with him at a luxury villa in Calple, a resort on the Spanish coast.

As police swooped in, Moran tried to flee, leaping onto a roof a of poolside outhouse before being captured. According to Britain’s Serious Organized Crime Agency, police also seized two handguns, 60 rounds of ammunition and a machete.

“Moran thought he could evade capture fleeing to Spain, frequently changing his appearance and using false identities,” said Matt Burton, SOCA’s head of investigations.

Moran and an associate, Stephen Devalda, 29, were accused of stealing $38,400 from a mail van in Colne, northwest England, using a handgun, machete and a baseball bat in the May 2005 robbery.

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