What’s Your Definition of an Assault Weapon? (VIDEO)

Guns and Ammo mag put together a little man on the street segment during last weeks NRA Convention, asking people to define an ‘assault weapon.’

Digging nails into a chalkboard sounds like smooth jazz compared to the ongoing exploitation of the term “assault weapon.”

Knee-jerk media outlets are working mercilessly to gain support for the leftist gun-control agenda. Unethical journalists have formed an entire vocabulary of gun-demonizing terms, leading those who know nothing about guns to believe that “assault clips” are more dangerous than walking down a dark alley at night in Chicago.

Just as a reminder, firearms don’t have a brain, they don’t have feelings and they can’t make their own decisions. Calling a semi-automatic rifle an “assault rifle” brands an inanimate object with a negative connotation. In reality, the terms “freedom defender” or “modern musket” should be the politically-correct terms when referring to an instrument which nobly protects American liberties.

H/T: The Gun Wire

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