Taking Moving Targets with TrackingPoint Riflescopes (VIDEO)

TrackingPoint, operating out of Austin, Tex., developed the truly unique shooting system that fundamentally changes how a person operates a rifle. By using a smart scope and an electronic trigger system TrackingPoint’s “Precision Guided Rifles” can guarantee hits even with the most novice shooters.

It’s a very simple system to use. While you’re looking down the “Intelligent Digital Tracking Scope” you mark your target with the push of a button. When you’re ready to shoot, you pull the trigger, which will not cause the rifle to fire until you move the crosshairs to the point where the scope has corrected for windage and elevation. When you move the crosshairs to the corrected position, the gun will automatically fire.

Essentially, a PGR rifle with TrackingPoint’s IDTS does the shooting. The shooter’s real job is something like being the rifle’s spotter, porter and chauffeur.

TrackingPoint recently went in on a joint venture with Remington called VentureX. Together they’ll be making factory-produced PGRs using TrackingPoint’s smart scopes and Remington’s rifles.

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