"The View" Co-Host Vows to Get Gun for Self-Protection (VIDEO)

You wouldn’t expect Barbara Walters’ talkshow “The View” a place to find sensible pro-gun rhetoric, but that’s exactly what transpired when co-host Sherri Shepherd announced she was buying a firearm for protection.

Speaking to “Fox and Friends,” Shepherd said her home alarm went off recently.

“We have two dogs and they didn’t bark. And immediately my husband jumped out of bed and ran downstairs. And I ran to my son Jeffrey’s room. And I never wanted a gun in my house but the sight of my son laying there saying, ‘Mommy I’m scared…that’s when you realize all you got is a wicker trash basket between me and anybody that comes in this room. And it was a scary thought.”

While the Fox crowd was fairly encouraging, Walters was not. “I don’t have a house. I have an apartment so I have a different set up,” said “The View” host. “But it scares me, what you’re talking about. Because when you have a gun, the tendency is to use it and sometimes you use it in the wrong way.”

Undaunted, Shepherd vows to purchase a handgun, take shooting lessons and ultimately store her weapon nearby in a locked safe.


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