Archangel OPFOR Mosin Nagant Stocks Shipping (VIDEO)

Archangel is ready to ship their new OPFOR stock for Mosin-Nagants. If you pre-ordered one earlier this year, time to start the hardest part of the wait: shipping.

Announced at SHOT Show this year, the stock was an instant hit with people lining up to put one of these on their Russian rifles, bringing them into the 21st century. These stocks are designed to work with all Mosins, variants, licensed copies and clones. While it’s possible that some rifles may need some fitting, so far, Archangel has not found a Mosin that doesn’t work with the OPFOR.

Made from a fiberglass and carbon fiber nylon composite guaranteed to be as tough as the Mosin you put in it, the stock adds an adjustable cheek riser, an adjustable length of pull and a rubber buttpad to take some of the edge off 7.62x54mmR recoil.

archangel mosin 5

While the Mosin Nagant is not renown for its accuracy, the Archangel OPFOR stock is designed to eliminate the accuracy-thwarting side effects of the standard wooden furniture and uses steel bedding to free-float the rifle’s barrel. In the case of rifles that actually shoot better with a barrel under tension, Archangel’s stock includes an optional fastener that locks the barrel into the handguard portion of the stock.

The OPFOR stock’s ergonomics are modeled on what we’re used to seeing on tactical bolt guns, with a flat-bottomed handguard to take advantage of improvised shooting supports and a goosenecked pistol grip with a very vertical cant for shooting while prone.

Of course the most appealing part about this stock system is the inclusion of a detachable magazine. This required a bit of engineering to move some of the cartridge retaining system to the magazine, a function of the original stock. Check it out.

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