Officials to NYPD: It’s OK for Women to Bare the Boob


Apparently cops in NYC have been reminded by higher-ups that it’s a-ok for women to go topless in public. The boob freedom law isn’t anything new – according to the New York Supreme Court’s 1992 decision, any freewheeling woman in need of some bare-chested sun can do so as long as she’s not participating in commercial activity or acting in a lewd manner.

But every once in a while a cop gets mesmerized and straps on the cuffs – which has prompted officials to repeatedly instruct the 34,000 officers on the force that “simply exposing their breast in public” is not an actionable offence. The in-house memo has been repeated in 10 consecutive police roll calls. We can only hope the reissued missive sinks in, because who doesn’t like a little public boob?


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