“F*** America”: Boston Bomber’s Manifesto Found in Boat (VIDEO)

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev wrote “F*** America” inside the boat he hid in as police searched for him last month.

Officers also discovered the phrase “Praise Allah” and several anti-American screeds, including references to Iraq, Afghanistan and so-called “infidels.” According to ABC News, the mini-manifesto was written in black ink and peppered with bullet holes.

Although spokespeople for the Massachusetts State Police and Watertown Police initially denied existence of the writings, the FBI confirmed yesterday that writing had been discovered inside the boat.

The discovery has apparently intensified tensions between the FBI and local law enforcement – who are believed to have taken photos of the writings and disseminated the images. Although agents have demanded all officers at the scene turn in their cell phones, according to the FBI none of the police approached agreed.

boston bomber in boat


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