NRA News Commentator Natalie Foster: Women 'need to have a presence' in the Gun Community (VIDEO)

Natalie Foster is a trendsetter and an innovator. There’s no doubt about it. For proof of this, all one has to do is check out her website Girl’s Guide to Guns.

What is Girl’s Guide to Guns?

Well, it’s a blog, but not just any blog, it’s kinda like a lovechild between Vogue and Guns & Ammo, which if you follow that logic makes it the perfect place for women to go and learn about firearms and firearm-related accessories as well as the gun community as whole.

Foster was recently introduced as an NRA News commentator along with vlogger Mr. Colion Noir and former Navy SEAL Dom Raso, and like her two cohorts she was organically paired with a new NRA sect that caters to a specific market, i.e. women, military or the politically minded. 

We sat down with Foster at the 142 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston, Texas, to pick her brain about a slew of issues, but mainly women and the gun culture.

She explained why she felt the need to become a gun blogger and what propelled her to become the face of women in this traditionally male dominated community.

“I felt like there were women out there who were interested in firearms and in fashion and in current events and in pop culture and in those kinds of things and there really wasn’t a platform for that at the time,” she said and added, “There was really no one talking about all those elements that come together to make us who are.”

So, she decided to fill that void, to serve that audience and consumer base that was arguably undervalued for a long time. The result is the popular Girl’s Guide to Guns.

In doing so, in creating this website and resource for female shooters and gun enthusiasts, she found herself in a unique position. That is, she developed considerable clout within the gun blogosphere. Her voice mattered. People wanted to know she thought about certain political issues, certain firearms, certain accessories and equipment, etc.

We asked her about this phenomenon, about the evolution of female gun writing, which in its current state seems to place the emphasis on the author’s opinion and position relative to larger milieu as opposed to straight, dispassionate journalism. To put it another way, the girl — not the gun — takes center stage.

“It’s true, you see a lot of people focusing on the women and the girls within the firearms sphere and less so on the guns,” said Foster. “But I think that’s where it needs to be right now because it’s been so traditionally male dominated for so long.”

“It’s a new push that’s never been seen before and it’s really exciting,” Foster continued. “So, it’s okay that the focus is on women right now.”

Along these lines, we asked Natalie her thoughts on the NRA’s revitalized Women’s channel ( and its New Energy campaign, which is designed “to expose the public to the female face of the NRA.” In particular, we asked her how this will impact the landscape of the gun world.

“It’s just super cool because the NRA is giving us a voice and, again, you hear that the media is pushing it on us, but it’s like ‘No, we’ve been here’ and the NRA has invested funds now to finally give us a voice, so I’m incredibly grateful,” said Foster.

“I hope it has a huge impact, actually. I hope that it normalizes the fact that women are here and we’re invested and involved and we’re excited to be here,” she added. “And I think it will and I think it can do that.”

We also asked Natalie about the pink gun controversy — if that’s what you want to call it — and whether she thought it was condescending or patronizing for gun manufacturers to offer women pink firearms.

“I think it’s hilarious that it’s so controversial because it’s so not,” said Foster, dismissing all the hubbub. “Women are personalizing the firearms industry. They’re personalizing their guns, they’re making them their own and I think it’s a wonderful thing.”

Indeed. Freedom of expression. Plus, on a practical level it don’t matter the color, a pink gun is every bit as effective as a black one.

Big thanks to Natalie for sitting down to chat with us. She’s a really cool person and she had a great sense of humor throughout our interview (which, was interrupted on several occasions, check out the beginning of the video where some guy randomly photo-bombs her intro).

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