S.E. Cupp lays into Michael Moore for characterizing gun owners as pariahs (VIDEO)

On last nights Real Time with Bill Maher the subject of guns naturally arose as Maher asked his panel why the ‘left’ continues to fail its constituency on the subject of gun control. Dumfounded as to the reason, guest Michael Moore claimed that a gun registriy would not infringe on anyone rights and that the 2nd Amendment as he understands it refers to 18th century muskets. Moore stated that “if you have a dangerous device that can kill 20 schoolchildren, I want to know where that device is.”

Responding to Moore, guest S.E. Cupp explained that a gun registry would be a type of false presumption of guilt directed towards law abiding gun owners. She also called Moore out for labeling gun owners as pariahs, informing him that gun violence continues to drastically decline.

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