Armed March on Capital Organizer Busted at Pot Rally (VIDEO)

In an unusual turn of events, the organizer of the “Open Carry March on Washington” was arrested Saturday at an anti-drug law rally.

Libertarian radio host and former Marine, Adam Kokesh was speaking to a group of peaceful demonstrators at the monthly “Smoke Down Prohibition V” event in Philadelphia when he was suddenly arrested.

Kokesh has vowed to conduct an “open carry” march to the nation’s capital with loaded firearms this July 4th. Although warned by Washington D.C. law enforcement that he and his fellow marchers would be subject to arrest and fines if they cross into the District, Kokesh remained undeterred – until now. According to reporters working for his radio show, Kokesh is being held at the United States Federal Detention facility in Philadelphia, where he is refusing to “process.” As such, it’s unclear when and if he will be released.


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