MasterPiece Arms Now Offering Upgraded .22 Suppressors (VIDEO)

Masterpiece Arms has updated their line of .22 caliber suppressors bringing their performance up while still keeping costs down. These silencers, the Vigilant II and Sentinal II offer the kind of suppression expected from top-flight cans but are approachably priced.

These cans offer superior “first-round snap” sound reduction, good all-around performance and a new, modified K-baffle design that minimizes point-of-impact shift.

They also have a weight-saving MPA engraving around the body of the can to make it easy to mount and remove. The suppressors can be disassembled for easy maintenance, another appealing feature.

The two suppressors differ in materials used, not construction. The Sentinel II is an alloy can machined from 7075 T6 aircraft aluminum with a hard-anodized black finish. It weighs an insignificant three ounces. The Vigilant II is made using 340L stainless steel and weighs a heftier 7.4 ounces, but is full-auto rated for .22 LR and can also be used with .22 WMR and .17 HMR.

Both are rated at 116dB (10-shot weighted average using NI Labview Software/GRAS .25-inch Microphones) with standard-pressure .22 LR ammo, and measure in at 5.7 inches long, one inch in diameter and have a 1/2-28 thread.

Like all MasterPiece Arms products, they have a lifetime guarantee.But what makes them really stand out are the pricetags. The alloy Sentinel II has an MSRP of $280 and the Vigilant II just $326. Considering real-world prices are often lower, these have some of the best price-performance ratios of any suppressors on the market.

Wrapping things up, they’re made in Comer, Ga., using all in-house manufactured parts and no outsourced components.

With a tax stamp, you can suppress a .22 for $500 or less, making these an extremely appealing pair of suppressors. If you were longing for an affordable can for your plinker or small game gun, these are going to be hard to pass up. There might be a couple of high-end suppressors that outperform these silencers, but not in their price range.

For all the details, check out the MasterPiece Arms website.

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