Meet the Blind Gunslinger who Hits 80% of his Targets (VIDEO)

He hits roughly 80 percent of his shots at a target 100 yards away…and he’s blind.

Meet Jim Miekka, a former physics teacher from Homosassa, FL, who shoots by sound alone. Utilizing a specially designed HMR 17 rifle, Miekka’s so-called ‘bionic eye’ – a modified long-range scope, pin-points his desired target within 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches. He modeled the device after a 1939 World’s Fair invention that transformed visual images into sound.

“When I first started I was hitting about 25 percent of the time,” Mr Miekka said. “Now I think I’m hitting about 80 percent or something like that.”

Miekka proudly refers to himself on Facebook as “the world’s best blind target shooter,” and has numerous videos uploaded on YouTube displaying his amazing ability.


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