Bow-Mag .357 Magnum-Tipped Arrows by Rac-Em-Bac (VIDEO)

image“The Bow-Mag by Rac-Em-Bac is a cutting edge arrowhead casing that allows the hunter to place a .38 or .357 Magnum round inside. Simply secure your ammunition in the Bow-Mag cylinder and turn until the casing threads lock in place. Secure the loaded Bow-Mag to your standard arrowshaft as you normally would. Once your arrow hits the intended target, the Bow-Mag firing pin hits the bullet, delivering its deadly payload.”

Not totally sure if this is legal, ethical or effective. But it does fire arrow- or bolt-powered bullets, so that’s that.

You can buy yourself a six-pack of Bow-Mags for $40, which is still less than a decent .357 revolver.

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