SWAT Bulldozes Through House To Save Hostages (VIDEO)

Police in Phoenix, AZ ended a 12-hour barricade at a house by ramming a large armored-truck into the front of the home where a suspect was hiding.

Israel Celis Sr., a 32-year-old ex-con, abducted his son Monday night and absconded to a friend’s house – where he proceeded to take eight other people hostage.

SWAT members, police and fire officials surrounded the Phoenix home and decided to ram the house to extract the hostages – but Celis shot at the officers, retreating into a back room with a 20-year-old woman and 9-year-old boy. Police managed to rescue the other hostages (including his son), but around 10 a.m. a gunshot was heard inside the house.

Crews entered the house and found Celis with a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Both the woman and 9-year-old boy were found inside the room with minor injuries.


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