The Real-Life Push to Ban Killer Robots (VIDEO)

It might seem like the storyline from a Hollywood script, but human rights groups around the world are prepping for encounters with killer robots in the not-so-distant future.


The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, which is a legitimate group, is currently slated to meet later this month at a global summit in Geneva, Switzerland. As their name suggests, the coalition of international factions plans to discuss the issue of autonomous weapons – in lieu of a recently-released United Nations report that outlined a number of advanced weapons earlier this week.


The human rights oriented groups will meet on May 29 to persuade nations to sign onto a international ban on deadly unmanned weapons systems – including drones. But The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is particularly alarmed at the prospect that new weapons of war will have the ability to select and kill targets without a human being in direct command.

The case to curtail deadly autonomous robots has been a burgeoning issue as of late – Human Rights Watch recently posted a report entitled “Losing Humanity: The Case Against Killer Robots,” where it detailed issues related to the subject, including international law and potential threats to civilian populations.


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