Dashcam Captures Moment Cop Shot in Face **GRAPHIC**(VIDEO)

It took less than 10 seconds, but for a deputy sheriff making a routine traffic stop two months ago, it ended in horror – and it was captured on camera.

The video was taken by 27-year-old Montague County Sheriff’s Deputy James Boyd’s dashcamera. It shows Boyd pulling over a black sedan with Colorado plates on Highway 28 and matter-of-factly walking over to the vehicle.


Evan Ebel

But within moments, Boyd is seen flailing, twisting and ultimately hitting the ground. He had been shot three times. Two bullets struck his bullet-proof vest and a third grazed his forehead. The gunman, Evan Ebel, a convicted felon, sped away. Luckily a passerby, an off-duty Johnson County Sheriff’s Detective, pulls over and calls for help.

Ebel was being sought for the death of Colorado Prison Chief Tom Clements and a Denver pizza delivery driver. The felon was later killed in a shootout thanks to Boyd’s description of Ebel’s vehicle. The deputy survived, making a full recovery.


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