Epic Case of Butt-Dialing Lands Man in Jail for Murder (VIDEO)

A Florida man has been charged with murder because he accidently butt-dialed 911 while confessing to the crime.

Scott Simon, 24, was charged with first-degree murder for his involvement in the May 5th killing of Nicholas Walker, after he was overheard telling someone that he was about to follow and kill the Lauderhill man. In an epic case of butt-dialing gone terribly wrong, Simon unwittingly phoned 911 and his confession was fortuitously recorded.

Walker was later found dead of gunshots wounds inside a crashed sedan along I-95. Despite the apparent self-incrimination, law enforcement says Simon was a go-between-man, and not the actual shooter.

Two additional suspects are sought in connection to crime and anyone with information is encouraged to call Detective Bryan Tutler at (954)32104281.


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