Gun Rights Activists Stymie “Guns for Groceries” Event (VIDEO)

This past Saturday around 50 Second Amenment advocates attended a gun buyback event in Michigan to stage a unique demonstration.

Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano and the Wayne County Sheriff, Benny Napoleon, teamed up with a local church to stage a no questions asked, “guns for groceries” event over the weekend. Officials had saturated the airwaves with commercials trying to convince Detroit residents the “obvious” solution to reduce crime was for everyone to sell their firearms for $50 in foodstuffs.

But in an effort to counter the glaring fallacies present with gun buybacks, a variety of local pro-Second Amendment groups set up shop nearby and offered cash for working firearms.

And apparently it was an instant success – with many individuals willing to part with their guns for cold hard cash instead of a gift certificate for food. And more often than not, they were paid more than $50.

It didn’t take long for officials to discover what was going on and Wayne County deputies quickly converged on the cash-for-guns event. According to reports, the gun rights activists were harassed constantly by law enforcement (see above video) and were eventually booted from their location.

At the end of the day, the pro-gunners managed to legally purchase 40 working firearms. The County on the other hand, scooped up 200…mostly “inoperable pieces junk.”


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